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Ellon Roundabouts A90 New Planned Roadwork

Two Planned Roadworks between Ellon Roundabouts start on 4th October

Ellon Roundabout

First Planned Roadwork

ellon roundabout 1 min
Start Date04 October 2021 – 19:30
End Date05 October 2021 – 06:30
LocationA90 (Ellon-Roundabout South to Ellon Roundabout North) to A90 (Ellon-Roundabout North to Junction (L) To
Description Works:Lighting Works
Traffic Management: Portable Traffic Lights (TTLS).

Second Planned Roadwork

ellon roundabout 2 min
Start Date/Time04 October 2021 – 09:30
End Date/Time08 October 2021 – 15:30
LocationA90 (Ellon-Roundabout South to Ellon-Roundabout North) to A90 (Jn X Commerce St to Junction A98 High St),
Description Works:Landscape Maintenance
Traffic Management: Mobile Lane Closures.
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