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1 New Handy Live Weather Tracker

Check Scottish Live Weather Tracker Easy to Use

Check out the live weather conditions across the Scotland right now.


More information how to use tracker below

Weather Tracker
Live Weather Tracker

Live Weather Tracker Features

  • Set the overlay to either clouds, CO concentration, radar/lightning, rain, sea temperature, snow cover, standard temperature, waves, or wind.
  • Use either Celsius or Fahrenheit as the temperature scale.
  • Set the width, height and border-radius using responsive (%) and/or fixed (px) values.
  • Manually define longitude and latitude for precise location coordinates.
  • Choose from 8 levels of zoom (min. 3, max. 11).
  • Show or hide pressure isolines, the map marker and spot forecast.
  • Choose from the following wind measurement units: beaufort (bft), kilometers per hour (km/h), knots (kt), meters per second (m/s) and miles per hour (mph).

Click the link Below to access the another Live Weather Radar.

Thunderstorm Tracker:

Lightning Tracker:

Live Lightning Maps:

What causes thunder and lightning?

Thunderstorms develop when the atmosphere is unstable. This is when warm air exists underneath much colder air. As warm air rises it cools and condenses forming small droplets of water. If there is enough instability in the air, the up draft of warm air is rapid and the water vapour will quickly form a cumulonimbus cloud.


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