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New 5 Handy Aurora Tracker and Cams

Check out the current conditions for the Aurora Borealis across the Scotland, UK. Get access to the Live Aurora Tracker and Cams.

Click the link Below to access the Live Aurora Tracker.

AuroraWatch UK Click Here to see if the Aurora will be visible in Your Area:

Lapland Aurora Web Cams (go to the website and scroll down):

Live Aurora Shetland Cam:

Aurora Borealis Live cam in Sodankylä, Finland:

In general, for the best chance of sighting an aurora, try to look during the hours around local midnight (22:00-02:00).


>>> Aurora Borealis caught by residents of Peterhead <<<

Aurora tracker
Captured by Nicola

The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Auroral displays appear in many colours, although pale green and pink are the most common. Shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet have been reported. The lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow.

Aurora Tracker

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