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Peterhead Streets

New – Roadworks Invernettie Roundabout 12 Days

Roadworks Invernettie Roundabout to allow for the upgrading and replacement of existing High Voltage cables in the vicinity

Roadworks Invernettie Roundabout
«©OpenStreetMap» | Roadworks Invernettie Roundabout
Start Date:29 January 2024
End Date:10 February 2024
Estimated Duration:12 Days
Location:Invernettie Roundabout, Peterhead
Traffic Management:Temporary traffic lights and speed restrictions.
Description:Upgrading and replacement of existing High Voltage cables
TTLs to be manually controlled to optimize traffic flow from roundabout.

In preparation for the construction of the new converter station, enabling works will include:

  • Two new permanent access roads with new junctions on the U66, along with a temporary road through the site for construction traffic. 
  • A site car park and erection of temporary site offices for use during construction. 
  • Construction of a new cable sealing end compound, and removal of two existing 132kV towers including an existing cable sealing end compound on the existing overhead line that crosses the site.
  • Ground investigation works.
  • Undergrounding of the existing 11kV overhead line within the converter station land boundary. A new 11kV connection will be installed into the site, running parallel with the A90. This will require periodical temporary traffic lights on the A90 from the U66 junction to the Invernettie roundabout, until March 2024.

More details >>>

Roadworks Invernettie Roundabout
«©OpenStreetMap» | Roadworks Invernettie Roundabout



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New – Queen Street Closure 6.11

Peterhead Ironworks repairs on part of Queen Street Closure

Queen street min
Start Date:6 November
End Date:6 November
Estimated Duration:1 Day
Location:from Victoria Road to King Street
Traffic Management:Road closure
Description:Ironworks repairs
Diversion:Victoria Road, Windmill Road, King Street and Vice Versa
Queen street closure

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New – A90 Planned Roadworks

Peterhead A90 Planned Roadworks with Portable Traffic Lights

Start Date:28 August 2023, 8:00am
End Date:1 September 2023, 5:00pm
Estimated Duration:5 Days
Location:A982 North Road to Junction Kirktown, Northbound
Traffic Management:Portable Traffic Lights

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