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New 1 Meteor Shower Tracker

Check out the current conditions for Meteor Shower across the UK

Click the link Below to access the Live Meteor Tracker to find dates for all the major meteor showers visible across the UK. You will find the meteor name and the date of when each meteor is visible in your local area.

Click the link to see if the Meteor will be visible in Your Area:

Meteors generally glow for a very short period of time. If a meteoroid does not fully disintegrate while passing through Earth’s atmosphere and hits the ground, it is known as a Meteor.

After, when you choose the date, you can watch The Interactive Meteor Sky Map shows the position of the radiant (the circle) in the night sky. Note that meteors can appear in any part of the sky, not just near the radiant.

Please note that this does not guarantee visibility. Visibility is based on a variety of factors including weather and astronomical conditions. See meteor shower animation to find out visibility conditions for viewing the meteor shower from your location.


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