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Peterhead Town search Centre Shop Windows 30 images

Peterhead Town

Peterhead Christmas Town Trawl has been launched in an effort to support local shops over the festive season.

Peterhead Town those interested are asked to find 30 images located in shop and business windows across the town centre.

Each graphic has a QR code which can be scanned to enter the competition and participants are required to provide their email to enter the competition.

Each graphic can only be scanned once per person and there may also be a joke, a fact or a recipe or two.

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Peterhead Town

Competition Details

Event Details

Competition Starts: Saturday 5th December 2020. Competition Ends: Monday 4th January 2021. Winner Announced: 8th January 2021. Winner notified by email. Eligibility: Open to Anyone.

How to Enter

1. Wander around Peterhead’s town centre to locate 30 christmassy/seafood inspired graphics positioned in various shop windows.

2. Scan the QR code found on the graphic, this will take you to a webpage where you can fill in your email address to be entered into the competition. You may also find a joke, fact, recipe or two.

3. There are 30 window graphics, giving you 30 chances to win! Remember to enter your email address each time to enter. Each graphic can only be scanned once per person.

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