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Aberdeenshire recycling centres – new limits booking system from 01/04/2021

Aberdeenshire recycling centres New limits – booking system.

New limits on commercial-type vehicles using recycling centres will be introduced on 1st April 2021.

The new limits are being introduced to move business waste away from recycling centres.

This will enable us to create more space for new recyclable materials at the centres, improving the service for householders.

What will be different:

Aberdeenshire recycling centres
  • Under the new system visits to Aberdeenshire recycling centres using commercial type vehicles, i.e. vans, pick-up trucks, minibuses and trailers, will be limited to 24 visits per year.
  • Your household can continue visiting Aberdeenshire recycling centres using non-commercial type vehicles, i.e. cars, MPVs, 4x4s and mobility adapted vehicles, up to 8 times in 4 weeks unless you use them for towing a trailer.
  • Trailers must be 8ft (2.5m) or shorter in length (excluding the tow bar) and be towed by a car, MPV, 4×4 or a mobility adapted vehicle. Please note that you cannot tow a trailer with a commercial-type vehicle, i.e. a van, pick-up truck or minibus.
  • You will no longer be able to visit a Aberdeenshire recycling centres using trailers over 8 feet (2.5m) in length (excluding the tow bar), vehicles over 3.5 tonnes or with more than 4 wheels, tippers and plant vehicles
  • A household can use vehicles under both rules, i.e. you can have 24 visits a year for visiting recycling centres using commercial-type vehicles (i.e. vans, pick-ups, minibuses, trailers up to 8ft in length and hire vans) and 8 visits in 4 weeks using non-commercial type vehicles (i.e. cars, estate cars, people carriers, MPVs, 4x4s, or mobility-adapted vehicles).
  • The year for commercial-type vehicles runs from 1st April to 31st March, whilst the four weeks for non-commercial type vehicles are counted from the first booking made.
  • If you are using a hire van, please make a booking for a van and type in ‘HIRE VAN’ instead of the registration number. You will need to show hire documentation and matching ID to a site attendant – please toot the horn if the barrier is down.

The new limits will be applied automatically when you book your visit.


For more information about the changes, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit

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