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Events Northern Frights

Northern Frights Events – offers a variety of immersive events

Northern Frights the horror, fantasy, and immersive events company based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland but cover Inverness, Dundee and Glasgow

Northern Frights offers a variety of immersive events, ranging from children’s zombie survival days to large-scale conventions and festivals. With a focus on expanding their offerings and providing attendees with unique experiences, the company aims to bring their events to more locations across Scotland.


With a focus on inclusion and accessibility, Northern Frights has gone above and beyond to make its event’s welcoming to all. The company’s founder, Laura Ripley, who is neurodivergent, noticed that events were missing something to make her feel comfortable. Laura’s vision was to create an event that not only offered immersive experiences but also catered to individuals who may need safe, quiet spaces during the event. Each of Northern Frights’ events includes these safe spaces to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.


Northern Frights not only provides inclusive event’s, but it also actively invests in the local community by working and collaborating with local companies and venues. The company sources local suppliers wherever possible and makes sure to minimise its environmental impact by planting trees in the Scottish Highlands for every event where they use paper. Furthermore, Northern Frights actively engages in local community events and initiatives and supports local charities by organising fundraising efforts.


But it’s not just about inclusivity and sustainability – Northern Frights’ events are also seriously fun. From the only over 18’s horror campsite in Scotland to a prison escape experience in Peterhead Prison Museum, the company has partnered with venues across Scotland to bring amazing events to attendees.

Horror Con Scotland event has been a resounding success, with it now entering its 2nd year and expanding to four venues across Scotland in 2024 – Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Inverness and their largest event at the SEC in Glasgow. From its humble beginnings on the top floor of a pub, our events have now grown to include partnerships with various venues across Scotland. One such example is our collaboration with the Aberdeen Science Centre for the Aberdeen Sci-Fi day, where we offer a day of sci-fi fun and learning for all the family.

And let’s not forget about the dragons – Northern Frights has its very own fire-breathing beasts that will leave attendees spellbound.

With its commitment to inclusion, sustainability, and fun, Northern Frights is becoming a leading event’s company in Scotland. And with plans to expand its offerings and establish itself even further, it’s clear that Northern Frights is not one to be missed.

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