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Peterhead schools

Peterhead Schools and Scotland COVID-19 rules to be eased

Face coverings in classrooms to be removed in Peterhead Schools and Scotland.

High school pupils and staff will not be required to wear face coverings in classrooms from 28 February, after the schools mid-term break.

Teachers and pupils who wish to continue to wear a face covering in the classroom should be fully supported in doing so.

Face coverings will still be required in communal areas, subject to future review.

Specific mitigations relating to assemblies and transition visits for learners who will start primary or secondary in August 2022, will also be eased as of 28 February.

Peterhead Schools and Scotland COVID-19 rules to be eased

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“In recent weeks I have promised to keep Parliament and school communities updated on mitigations within schools – including the use of face coverings within classrooms.

“I have been clear that we do not want to keep these measures in place for any longer than is necessary, but that we must continue to be led by scientific and expert advice.

“On Tuesday our Advisory Subgroup on Education and Children’s Issues met to discuss a number of issues, including the use of face coverings.

“The group reiterated its previous position that the removal of mitigations in schools should follow a phased approach. It also advised that the next phase could begin after the February half-term break, with the removal of face-coverings in classrooms – for both pupils and staff – on 28 February.

“In arriving at their decision, the Advisory Sub-Group pointed to reducing case rates for secondary-aged pupils, falling hospitalisation rates across all age categories, and the fact that the estimated R rate is below 1 and decreasing. In addition, vaccination rates for young people continue to increase.

“This change represents a further step in allowing our children and young people to return to a more normal school experience after many months of sacrifice.

“We currently expect that face coverings will still be worn outside the classroom, in indoor communal areas of schools, after 28 February. This will be kept under regular review. In addition, anyone who wants to continue wearing a face covering in classrooms will, of course, be supported to do so.”

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on reducing the risks in schools will be updated next week.

Peterhead Schools and Scotland COVID-19 rules to be eased
Peterhead schools
Peterhead Schools and Scotland COVID-19 rules to be eased

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visiting Peterhead

Today 5 October Prince Charles visiting Peterhead

Today Prince Charles visiting Peterhead to meet with an award-winning seafood company.

Today Prince Charles helicopter landing at the Peterhead links.

Buses in Peterhead been rerouted after Prince Charles helicopter landed at the side of the road.

Prince Charles visiting Peterhead, to meet with an award-winning seafood company.

Charles, known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, visited Amity Fishing Company in Peterhead.

The company is headed by renowned skipper Jimmy Buchan.

Priding itself on quality control from shore to door, the team at Amity provides seafood from Scotland’s coast to people in the UK.

Amity Fish Company taken a Great Taste Award.

This morning Amity Fish Company was honoured to welcome the HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay. We were proud to…

Опубликовано Amity Fish Company Вторник, 5 октября 2021 г.

Charles will then pay a visit to Rora dairy which produces a range of Scottish yogurts on its organic family-run farm in Peterhead.

What a true honour to host Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay at our farm, Middleton of Rora today. A treat to show him…

Опубликовано rora dairy Вторник, 5 октября 2021 г.
visiting Peterhead
Pics by G. Simpson

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