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Apply for Council Housing, prepares new system

Apply for Council

Apply for council housing in Aberdeenshire are being advised of a temporary pause to online applications as a new system prepares for launch.

Currently, applications for accommodation are made via the website.

The website handles applications for properties managed by Aberdeenshire Council, Hanover Scotland, Langstane Housing Association, and Osprey Housing.

From April, a new online portal will allow users to Apply for council housing for rental properties directly from each housing provider.

In preparation for the change, applications via Apply4Homes will close on Thursday, March 18. Existing applicants will not be required to reapply for properties and are being contacted directly to invite them to register for the new system.

Following the launch of the new portal in April, Aberdeenshire Council will be changing to a ‘choice-based lettings’ approach in May, designed to give greater choice to applicants.

Apply for Council

The approach will allow applicants to note an interest on properties they feel best meets their needs in the areas they wish to live. Adverts for properties will provide greater detail, including location, rent, facilities, photos and floorplans where available.

There will be no limit on the number of bids an applicant can make and properties will be allocated to those assessed as being in most need. As applicants will be choosing the property they wish to secure rather than a property being allocated to them, it is expected that fewer offers will be refused.

Support will be provided for those who require assistance in applying online, and further information for existing and new applicants will be provided in due course.

For more information on applying for properties in Aberdeenshire, please visit the Housing Options page on the Aberdeenshire Council website.