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Peterhead Roadworks, begin work from 8/02/2021

Peterhead Roadworks

Peterhead roadworks, Queen street Restriction to traffic, begin work from 8/02/2021.

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Start Date/Time 08 Feb 2021

End Date/Time 21 Feb 2021

Location: Queen street, Peterhead (from 36-48)

Peterhead Roadworks

For 14 Days

Access will be provided for emergency and vehicles requiring access to properties but may be subject to delay until the road is cleared of construction plant to allow safe passage through the work.

Prohibition of Waiting and Footpath Closure (Access will be maintained to shops)

For any queries please contact Seivwright Brothers Ltd – 01466 751316

Alternative route: St.Peter street, Prince street, Back street, Backgate, Windmill street

Peterhead Roadworks - alternative route
Alternative route

More information you can find:

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