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New Gritter Live Tracker 2022

Traffic Scotland Have a Trunk Road Gritter Live Tracker

Gritter Live Tracker 2022

Some nicknames for these gritters:

  • Buzz IceClear
  • Spready Mercury 
  • Mary Queen of Salt
  • Brine Freeze
  • License to Chill
  • Bear Chills
  • Gritney Spears
  • William Wall-Ice
  • Snow Connery 
  • You Only Grit Ice
  • Gritly Come Dancing

How can you track them?

You can track Scotland’s gritters using the Trunk Road Gritter Tracker from Traffic Scotland. The online map allows users to check out a live tracking of the gritters on the trunk road network, displaying the current location of gritters.

Active gritters are in yellow, whereas inactive gritters (like ones parked at a depot) are greyed out.

You can use the search bar found in the top left hand side of the site to search for specific gritters, if you’ve got a personal favourite that you’d like to keep tabs on.

Amey is responsible for maintaining trunk roads (A90, A96 and the A92 from Stonehaven Junction to Charleston Junction).

Aberdeenshire Non-trunk roads

Gritter Live Tracker 2022
New Gritter Live Tracker 2022

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