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The safest way to Celebrate Christmas this year.

The safest way to celebrate Christmas this year

Guidance what you need to know on the safest way to Celebrate Christmas Day.

The safest way to celebrate Christmas this year is with your own household in your own home – and as far as possible, to keep any interaction with other households to a minimum. This is by far the safest way to spend this Christmas and keep your loved ones safe.

Christmas bubbles can be formed on the 25th December to help reduce loneliness and isolation. You can meet with your bubble in a home, outdoors or in a place of worship.

You do not have to form a bubble if you do not want to – the safest way to spend Christmas is to stay in your own household, in your own home and your own local area.

If you do decide to form a bubble, this updated guidance asks you to:

  • minimise the number of people in a Christmas bubble.  8 people from 3 households (plus children under 12 years of age from the three households) is the legal maximum.  One of the households can be an extended household.  But our recommendation is that a gathering of no more than 2 households would be better – the smaller the bubble, the better and safer it will be
  • stay outside as much as possible.  We strongly recommend that you should stay outdoors as much as possible and that, if you have to meet indoors, you should minimise the time you spend inside
  • minimise the distance you travel.  The law allows you to travel within Scotland – but not to or from outside Scotland – to form a Christmas bubble. You must travel to form a bubble and return home on Christmas day

You should not go to a pub, restaurant, café or entertainment venue, for example a cinema or theatre, with your bubble.

If you don’t form a bubble you must follow the rules in the local authority area you live in.

Stay safe.


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