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Supermarkets must be ready for a panic buyer wave – but still fear a no-deal Brexit

Supermarkets must be ready

Supermarkets must be ready for Panic buyers will have hit the supermarkets to stockpile food amid fears of a No Deal Brexit.

The UK and the EU today vowed to continue negotiations – but some nervous shoppers were seen leaving Costco with huge hauls of loo roll, beer and baguettes.

The British Retail Consortium today urged shoppers not to panic – and said retailers are increasing stocks to ensure a “sufficient supply of essential products”.

Any impact to the food chain is likely to affect fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, which cannot be stored for long, officials say.

Without a deal, after January 1 the public will face more than £3billion in food tariffs and higher prices throughout 2021, the trade body said, adding that the uncertainty is making it harder for businesses to prepare.

And today, huge queues were seen outside Costco in Thurrock, Essex, as Brits scrambled to get supplies in.

One shopper was pictured with a huge haul of toilet roll, which was popular with panic buyers during the first coronavirus lockdown.

Supermarkets must be ready
Supermarkets must be ready

Others were seen with trolleys full to the brim with beer, cereal and other essentials.

It comes after ministers told supermarkets to begin stockpiling food and other goods ahead of a possible No Deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson today declared the UK will not be locked in an EU “orbit” as Brexit showdown talks continue.

Earlier this week, the PM warned that it’s “very, very likely” there won’t be agreement – prompting fears in Government about panic buying.

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