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New Peterhead Warm Welcome Space

Peterhead Warm Welcome Space

This event has ended

Open Daily Peterhead Warm Welcome Space From 9th January

Congregational Church, Queen Street

  • Monday – 12 noon to 2pm

The Salvation Army, Windmill Street

  • Tuesday – 12 noon to 2pm

Apex community church, Chapel Street

  • Wednesday – 12 noon to 1:15pm

Methodist Church, Queen street

  • Thursday – 12 noon to 2pm

St Andrew’s church, queen street

  • Friday – 12 noon to 2pm

new parish church, corner prince street and st peter street

  • Saturday – 12 noon to 2pm

catalyst Vineyard Peterhead, 64 Windmill St

  • Wednesday 2pm – 4pm
Peterhead Warm Welcome Space

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