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Peterhead incident last night 8 October

Peterhead incident - Burst water main

Burst water main in Peterhead incident happened last night

How is reported from residents about burst water main in Peterhead on Station road junction with West road, affecting Kirkburn drive also.

Many households without water.

Part of this Affecting Sutherland Avenue, Kirk Street, King street, Constitution street, Mary street, Windmill street, Queen street, Windmill court, Prince street, Station road, Hope street, Lindale road, North street, Catto area, Pifour court, Uphill lane, Merchant street, St Peter street, Meethill area – brown water or no hot or cold water, apparently Longate is affected as well.

Peterhead incident - Burst water main 1
Pics from resident

Water board currently working on it.

❗UPDATE – 5:15PM❗

❗Updated repair time of 9:00PM this evening❗

Scottish Water are currently repairing a burst water pipe which is causing the interruption to the water supply for customers in the area of Peterhead.

❗UPDATE – 9:35PM❗ Peterhead incident

The repair being carried out in Peterhead is now complete and the water is beginning to recharge into the network.

If you find your water is brown or cloudy then don’t worry.

Let your taps run for 20 minutes or so and it will clear.

Burst water main in Peterhead incident

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